You can choose from following layers / captions:  HTML Markups,  Image, Video

For an individual Image Layer click on Add Image Layer and follow the following settings:

Style / Edit CSS

To define a predefined Style or add your own Style use the Style Drop Down list. You can change the Styling of the captions / Layers via the Embeded CSS Editor (Edit Style)

Use HTML5 Standard markups in case you wish to embed paragraphs, headings, buttons etc.  

The Captions have the white-space:nowrap setting default. It is important because of the transitions. Please use <br> for linebreaking, or add different layers for multiple lines.

For further styling that is not possible through Edit Style, use the Edit Global Styles and put your Styles there.

Change Image Source

Change the Image Source itself

Alt Text

Set your own Alt Text here for SEO

Align & Positions

Set the Align of the Layers / Captions.  Left Top is default.  Drag and Drop move of the Layer will based on the Align. If you set the Align to Center Center, the Drag And drop will be based on this aligned position and use an Offset.

i.e. Center Center Offset X -100px Offset Y -100px  will be used in every reposnive size linear calculated.  If the Screen size is scaled to 50% than the Item is still in the middle of the grid and offset is -50px -50px  (linear calculated).

Center Center snaps the Center Center of the Layer to the Center Center position of the Gird.  Right Bottom snaps the Rightr bottom corner of the Layer to the Right Bottom corner of the Grid et.c..

Image Scaling

Change the Width/Height of the image, you can also scale the image proportional.

Start Transition 

The way the Caption appear on the screen.  Select one of the Aniamtion , Easing and Speed.

End Transition

Optional. If not set, the Reverse Aniamtion will be used as set in the Start Transtion.  

In case the slide sould stay all the time on the slide, but end animation should be different then Start animation, please select your End animation, and set End Time to the same as the Slide Delay.  If no End Time set, End animation will be ignored ! 

Image Link

The Link URL if Image has been clicked

Link Open In

The Link Target if Image has been clicked

Link to Slide

Set a Special Link, like Swap to Previous / Next slide, Predefined Slide, Scroll Under the Slider etc.

Hide Under Width

Hide Caption under a certain width. This is useful, to have a more clear slide on mobile devices i.e.


Set extra attributes into the caption, like extra classes, IDs or title