Editing Main Settings

  • Once you Created a Slider, you can open the Slider Settings  (Settings) any time to manage any general settings per Slider

Slider Title

A Internal used Name for the Slider. Only for Backend Usage

Slider Alias

An individual name of the slider. Dont use Speical chars and spaces here. This will be used for ShortCode embeding and for any other art for embeding and corresponding / link internal to the slider.

Slider Shortcode

This is the Shortcode to embed into your Wordpress Pages, widgets etc.

Source Type

  • Posts 
    Pull content for the slides from Wordpress Posts by Categories and/or Tags
  • Specific Posts 
    Pull content for the slides from specific choosen Wordpress Posts
  • Gallery (this was the only type in previous versions)
    This is the default type, no content from other sources will be pulled.
    This type will be used most of the times.

Slider Layouts

  • Fixed 
    A None Responsive Version of the Slider. Will have a prepared Width and height. Used for Older Themes
  • Custom (it has been called "Responsive" in Earlier version)
    A Custom Grid system to set size of Slider per Browser Size. You can define different Levels for sizes. Only used for Frameworks where no Fluid Widths has been used. (i.e. Skeleton)
  • AutoResponsive (it has been called "Fullwdith" in earlier versions)
    Used for Fluid Responsive themes, where the Slider calculates its onw size for every Browser size. Only max widt hand height of Grid should be defined. In case the Container Width is not Boxed, it will go Fullwidth Automatically
  • FullScreen
    Slider will take the height of Window and center the preseted Grid within. It will always try to go FullHeight and Fullwidth if the wrapping container allows.  

Grid Settings

Depending on the Layout you can set the Width and Height of the Captions. The Slider will go Fullwdith or Fullwidth and Fullheight in case you set AutoResponsive or FullScreen.  Caption Grid will be centered always within the slider container.

In some cases (Custom) you can set multiple Levels depending on Screen Size. This is not needed in AutoResponsive and FullScreen mode.  

Fullscreen mode allows you to set a Container (per class or ID) which heights decrease the height of the FullScreen Slider Container automatically in every responsive level

Layout Example

Here you can see how the Slider will be seen on your Site, depending on what Settings you use in the Slider Layout and the two options "Unlimited Height" and "Force Full Width"

Save Settings

It updates your last settings to the Slider. If it is not pressed and you leave the Main Settings panel, your settings will be lost.

Delete Slider

Delete your current Slider. 

Edit Slides

Open the Edit Slide Panel for further settings per Slide

Preview Slider

Preview the current Slider with all its slides and settings in an iframe.

General Settings


Set the Delay Globaly for each slide. You can modificate the Delay Time per Slide under the Edit Slide function.

Shuffle Mode

Random Order of Slides on/off

Lazy Load

Use Dummy images during Document Load. Main images per slider are loaded on Demand when the slide is shown first time.

Use Multi Language (WPML)

If WPML is installed, this enables the multilanguage option for the Slider. After this is set to true, you can choose in which languages each slide can be seen, and each slide can have multiple versions for each language with own captions and so on.

Stop Slider

Use this setting to stop the Slider after a predefined Loop and at a predefined Slide.  Loops 0 means in the first loop to stop and Stop At Slide 1 would stop directly at First slide.   i.e. Stop After Loops 2  and Stop At Slide 3 would stop the slider after 2 Loops ath the 3thd slide.

Google Fonts

Used for Google Font Embeding in Slider. You can add unlimited Fonts here, all of them will be available in the CSS Editor.

  • Visit The Google Font Page and search for your Font
  • Click on Quick Use and Select Standard Tab. Add this code into the textfield.
  • To add more fonts, click on Add New (Screenshot)

See also Caption HOW TO USE GOOGLE FONT later below


The Position of the Slider within the Contaienr which is wrapping the slider.


Shadow Type

Choose between different Shadow Effects under the slider. Shadow Height is excluded of the Slide Height ! You may need to set extra margin bottom via the Position Settings ! 

Touch Enabled

Turns on the Swipe function for navigation on mobile devices

Stop On Hover

Stops the Main slide Timer on MOuse Hover. Captions are still playing within the slide 

Navigation Type

Set the Layout of navigation. Only Bullets, Bullets and Arrow, Thumbnails or None

Navigation Arrows

Choose between custom positions (solo) or Fixed position next to the bullets /thumbnails. 

Navigation Style

The Style / Art of the Navigation 


Per Bullet, Navigation Arrow you can set a Position per Align and per Offsets. I.e. Left Center aligned arrow still can have an offset to move it in different directions


Thumbnail Width and Height and shown Amount of Thumbs in same time. On Hover the Thumbs are scrolled.

Mobile Visibility

Hide Slider Under Width

The Slider will be hidden and stopped if the Browser Size goes under this presetted Size. Works only if Custom Sizes set to Slider

Hide Defined Layers under Width

Hides predefined Captions if the Browser Size is smaller then this predefined size. To select Captions to hide, go in the Slide Editor and turn on / off the option on the Captions one by one.

Hide All Layers Under Width

Hides All Captions if the Browser Size is smaller then this predefined size. 

Hide Arrows/Bullets/Thumbnails on Mobile

Hides chosen navigation type if the Slider is viewed on a Mobile device. 

Alternate First Slide

You can set a different First Slide than the Slides Order use. You can set also a different First Transition then it defined in the Slide Editor to make sure that the first Transition is some Eye Catching animation, but later only use the Slide transitions i.e


In Some Theme the Output of the Slider is broken, filled due br and p tags. Also some theme has jQuery conflicts or embedding the jQuery library in a way which would break the slider. In this case please turn on the Output Filters, and try the different settings to see if the Output art fix your issue.  (most Problem solved by setting this to "by Echo Output")