Navigate between the Slides simple selecting The Tabs on the top. Dont forget to Update the Slide before you Leave one tab ! 

Each Slide has its own Genearal Setting. You can set transitions, Local delays, thumbnails etc. here.

Slide Title

Used only Internal Naming of the slides


Published / Unpublished  - used for Editing, modificating the slide. If it is Unpublished, frontend wont show this slide at all.

Visible From/Until

If set, the Slide will only be visible between the set times.
If Visible Until is not set, the Slide will be visible as soon as the Visible From date is reached.
If Visible From is not set, the Slide will be visible until the Visible Until date is reached.


The Animation Style how the Slide appearance. You can select more than one from a multiplie choise drop down list.  Every new loop will use an other Transition if you selected more then one.

Slot Amount

The Amount of Boxes / Slots the slides divided into during the animation.


The Rotation Degree on Simple Transitions. (-720 - 720, 999 = random)

Transition Duration

The Duration of the Transition. (Default 300, min 100 max 2000 ms)


A Local Delay for Slide. It overwrites the Global setting

Enable Link

it allows a Full width/height link on the Slide.  You can set Link Target and LInk URL here, or a Built in function like swap to slide X, previous Slide, Next Slide

The Image Source for the Main Image

A Slide can have an Image, Transparent Image, Solid Color or External Image as Main Image.  This Image is the "Main Layer" in the background which has been animated via the General Settings predefined Transtions parameter. 

Background Fit/Repeat/Position

With these options, the chosen background image can be adjusted 

The Drag And Drop Editor 

Here you can Drag And Drop Move any Added Layer. The Best Way to move the Elements in the Right Position. Items are default aligned to left / top but via the Layer Styleing you can select different Aligns.