So if you are reading this it means you bought the Unite Revolution Slider and now the fun begins. After you install the component and module and make your first slider now you can start editing your slides. This portion of the component is packed with features for full customization. So lets start breaking it down:

  • 1. Transition - this is prety straight forwad the transition is refering to the global transition of this specific slide.
  • 2. Slot Amount - some transitions use slots to make the effect happen, slots mean how many portions the slide will break into when the transition takes place.
  • 3. Transition Duration - this field is refering to the amount of time you want the transition to take.
  • 4. Links - You can enable a link for the whole slide. Any click on the slide will activate the link so this option is not good for slides with buttons.
  • 5. Thumbnail - We actually generate an automated thumbnail for you but if you want it to be diffrent than a smaller view of your large image you can use this to override the automated thumbnail generation. Take in mind if you want this option to work you need to turn it on in the slider configuration.
  • 6. Change Image - This button will open a dialog which allows you to choose a background image for your slider. If you are using full width and you want a solid color you should just make a 10X10 pixel solid color of the required color.
  • 7. Add Layers - You can add any type of layer (yeah its really cool i know).
  • 8. Layer Properties - If you selected a text layer you can change the text here and also the style. This is the place to add a button if you want as well. To override the css you have a quick CSS edit button. So you should be good to go!
  • 9. Animation Easing and Speed - These fields all refer to the specific layer animation. Animation is the effect the layer will come in and out with. Easing is also a parameter for the effect if you dont know what it means you should just try it out, i personally really like ease out back. Recommended speed is 900 for animations other than fade. So start playing!
  • 10. X and Y Position - To place your layer you can use drag and drop but if you want you can also enter in X an Y simaller to absolute positioning.
  • 11. Layer Sorting By Depth - in the layer sorting panel you see all your slides layers. If you want to select a layer and edit its properties you can click on it here and the properties will show on the left. The depth field is refering to Z-Index.
  • 12. By Time - This is actually your timeline. You can edit this field to make layers appear in a diffrent oreder or simultaneously.

Don't hesitate to write us about any issues or questions you might have about the Unite Revolution Slider. We will try getting back to you as fast as possible.

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You may also write us at:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Quick start instructions:

1. Installing the component and a module

In Joomla go to 'Extensions'->'Extensions Manager.'

Install the

This will install a component and a module for you in one installations.

2. Create a slider, and add slides in the component.

Go to 'Components'->'Unite Revolution Slider'  under components.

Click on new to create a new SLIDER. On the left you have many configuration options you can play with.

Click save and close after you finished configuring your new SLIDER. Then click Edit slides. On the edit slides page click the NEW button on top to add a new SLIDE to your slider.

Each slide should have a name and a background image and as many layers as you like. You can add as many SLIDES to your SLIDER as you like.

3. Setting up the module.

* The modules task is to put the slider on the html page. You can put more than one slider on any page, each slider has it's module with it's settings.

Go to "Extensions" -> "Modules Manager". And publish the Unite Revolution Slider module that was installed.

Click on a module to go into edit mode.

In "General Settings" select a Slider from the component you just set up.

Now select the module position (according to your theme), and asign the module to pages under module assignment.

Dont forget to save and close and your done! Good luck :)

Unite Revolution, The best Responsive Joomla Slider !!!

The Technology behind Slider Revolution

  • CSS Transitions with jQuery FallBack
  • Fully Responsive (Optional) & Mobile Specific Features
  • jQuery 1.7 – jQuery 2.x Supported
  • Lightning Fast Greensock Animation Engine NEW
  • Powerful API to Stop, Play, Swap Slides, etc.

General Slider & Editor Capabilities

  • All Sizes Possible: Custom, Auto-Responsive, Full-Screen
  • Variable or Fixed Image Height
  • Image BG Cover, Contain, Tiling, Alignment, etc. NEW
  • Custom Image Alt Tag for SEO NEW
  • WYSIWYG Drag & Drop Editor with “Lock” Feature
  • Easy Caption Alignment
  • Published / Unpublished Slides NEW
  • Lazy Loading for Quicker Slider Start
  • Set Per Slide Link and Target
  • Fullscreen YouTube , Vimeo and
  • Self-Hosted HTML5 Videos
  • Auto-Start for Videos On / Off
  • Optional Shadow GFX below Slider

Slide Navigation

  • Bullet, Button, Thumbnail Navigation
  • Mobile Touch Enabled (Optional)
  • “Stop Slide Timer on Hover” Function
  • Video Playback stops Timer
  • Auto-Hiding of Navigation with Delay Option
  • Optional Countdown Timer Line
  • Set the Position of Time Line
  • Set Size and Number of Visible Thumbs
  • Hide / Enable Navigation on Mobile Devices
  • Keyboard Navigation NEW


  • Transition Builder: Huge Number of Possible Transitions
  • Set Start / End Time and Speed of Captions
  • Separate In / Out Transitions with Rotation, Scale, Skew, Opacity, Perspective, etc. NEW
  • Add Unlimited Number of Captions
  • Youtube, Vimeo, Self-Hosted HTML5 Videos as Caption
  • Set link per Captions
  • Option to Link to a Specific Slide via Caption
  • Variable Caption Image Size
  • Option to Hide Captions on Mobile Devices

Slide Transitions

  • WYSIWYG Drag & Drop Editor
  • Easy Caption Alignment
  • Huge Variety of Basic, Flat, 3D Transitions
  • Customizable Transition Speed (Individual / Global)

Unite Revolution Slider is a product developed by Unite CMS and ThemePunch as one team. We would like to thank TheamPunch for the great opportunity they gave us to work with them.

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