Quick start instructions:

1. Installing the component and a module

In Joomla go to 'Extensions'->'Extensions Manager.'

Install the com_unite_nivo_slider1.x.x.zip and the mod_unite_nivo_slider1.x.x.zip

After the install should appear "Unite Nivo Slider" components (under components menu), and a "Unite Nivo Slider" module (under Modules section)

2. Creating a slider, and add a slides in the component.

Go to 'Components'->'Unite Nivo Slider' component. You have 2 tabs - "Sliders" and "Slides."

Go to a "Sliders" tab, press on "NEW" button, give the slider a name and press on "Save" or "Apply".

After the slider has been created, you should create couple of slides.

Prepare your images, and upload them to "Images" folder via "media manager". Then go to a "Slides", Press on "New", and choose your images. Then press "Save". You has created a Slide. Now repeat the process couple of times, and add more slides.

3. Setting up the module.

* The module task is to put the slider on the html page. You can put more than one slider to the page, each slider has it's module with it's settings.

Go to "Extensions" -> "Modules Manager". Click on a module named: "Unite Nivo Slider".

In "General Settings" select a slider from the component. ( * Note, if no slider selected, the module will output demo slider )

Now select the module position (according your theme), a page when you want the slider, and save the module.

In this point the slider should appear on your website.

* Also, you can read the InMotion Hosting Tutorial about putting the Unite Nivo Slider into your home page.

Unite Nivo Slider

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Unite Nivo Pro Slider

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Download to the old version: Download Module | Download Component