1. Installing the Nivo Slider Pro in Joomla

  • To install Nivo Slider Pro use the extensions installer in the Joomla administration. Go to Extensions -> Extension Manager.
  • Click on Browse..., select the downloaded Nivo Slider Pro Install Package archive and click in Upload & Install.
  • To start simply go to menu under Components -> Nivo Slider Pro.

2. Setting up the component and making a new slider.

  • On the top action menu click new.
  • Fill in the title field.
  • You may change the diffrent
    parameters on the right hand side.
  • Click save and close when you are

3. Edit the visual Settings.

  • Click on the tab visual settings.
  • Click on the tab you want to edit and change the parameters on the control bar on top.
  • Dont forget to save and close when you are done.

4. Add new slides to your slider.

  • Click the edit slides button.
  • Click the NEW button on top.
  • Give your slide a title.
  • Select an image from your media folder.
  • Add a description if you like.
  • Dont forget to save and close when you are done.

5. Setting up the module

  • When you install the Nivo Pro Install package a new module is generated automatically. The modules name will be unite nivo slider pro.
  • Go into editing mode of the module and rename it if you like.
  • Choose a slider under genral settings on the right.
  • Give your module a position.
  • Assign your module to menu items.
  • Save & Close .